Pitas & Pies' story



 The best of two worlds, my worlds, as I am half Greek and half English, so half pita and half pie!

Pita is the most popular street food in Greece and equally popular are the Pies in the UK.

We pride ourselves in using fresh ingredients and traditional authentic recipes and prepare all of it in house.

The pita bread, for example, is made by a Greek baker and it tastes just like my grandmother use to make it and the marinade for the gyros is a recipe from my father.

To these authentic recipes, we add a little rock 'n'roll, such as an extra condiment or sauce, which elevates the pita experience to an another level.



My name is Christos and in 2017, I started Pitas and Pies, after a set of events happened which made me change career.

Prior to this I was a sport therapist and sportpodoligst, working mainly with rugby teams.

As I have a passion for food, I once served pitas at the rugby club, and the success was so that I decided to make a living out of it.

My aim is to offer quality food at an affordable price, something everybody can enjoy.